Kate Tomlinson Professional actress/performer in Los Angeles


"Miss Gina is the best vocal coach I’ve ever had.  I am a working actress/singer in Los Angeles.  I’ve worked with many coaches but I always count on Gina to help perfect my singing.  She is always encouraging and has really helped make me a stronger singer.  My technique has really improved and she’s helped me gain confidence.  Miss Gina’s passion for teaching is a gift." —Kate Tomlinson


Beck Bridger, Miss Wyoming 2018

"Having grown up in the performing arts, I have worked with a handful of wonderful coaches, producers, directors, and musicians. Among the exceptional mentors out there is, Gina Feliccia. Gina is fierce, spunky, professional, genuine, and driven to help others. She is fabulous at utilizing her skill set to individualize each mentorship with a student and her pool of knowledge is astounding. Gina’s passion for the arts and dedication to her craft has truly inspired me to take my training to the next level with intention. From preparing for Miss America 2019 on National Television to preparing for solo guest performances at Sheridan Community College, Gina has been there for me since day one. She is a true friend, mentor, and a blessing - I’m very honored to work with her!"

Jamen Nathakumar  "Gina is a top-notch teacher, but even more than that - a life-long mentor.  Now, as a professional actor, I can say that she has given me the training to succeed as a performer in NYC and handle myself accurately as a business."



Landoch Parents  "Gina was amazing - the triplets were instantly comfortable and drawn to her style and method ... Jonas Brothers watch out"



Aimee Stuart-Flunker  "Since I was little, I knew I loved to sing, but until my junior year of high school, I made the choice to pursue my passion in college in hopes of one day being able to be a professional singer-opera to be more specific. This fall I will be studying vocal performance at Wheaton College, and I am hoping to pursue a graduate degree in the future. Gina was my first voice teacher, and she taught me so much. She gave me the basics of how to be a great singer. She is very detail oriented and pushed me to success. Even though I don't study with her currently because we are separated by distance,  I have her to thank for giving me the confidence to pursue what I really love which is music. Any one would be lucky to study with her because she is a wonderful teacher and a strong woman of God. "



Sara De Luca "Gina is an angel of music that was sent from heaven to light up a little six year old girl's life. I have been blessed with the privilege to have been Gina's voice student for 11 years. Within my years of vocal education, I have had 5 other vocal professors and never did I enjoy music and my gift of singing as much as I did when I was with Gina. She is truly one of a kind. Gina brings the score to life...she makes you connect with the music. You enter a world of peace and happiness when you sing with her. Gina was my teacher, my mentor and my star. She has molded me into the girl I am today and I am eternally grateful."