What does it take to be a working performance artists? How do I know if I have potential? Should I go to college for this? What school is best? Am I too old to start? Do I need an agent to audition? I just want to sing better in church how many lessons would I need? And so on....


These are the types of questions I hear everyday. Students need to identify what they are born with and what they can do to progress and train. Consulting parents and students to develop an action plan based on individual goals and talent is my joy. Some students study with me for years others coach with me for 6 to 8 weeks for example,
 when preparing for college auditions.   


Poke around my website or give me a call. Vocal assesments are free and a way to start to answer your questions. 


I have a New Student inroductory rate! The Winner Takes It All!


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