It grieves me to say that in the past 4 months I have had several conversations with parents about self serving performance arts educators. There are two kinds, those with a heart for students first who gain full satisfation watching them succeed and those that went into education because sadly, they felt they had no other option. Those P.A. teachers who put their own artistic dreams a head of what students are capabile of and then get angry with them, are self servers. It is the job of the educator to identify talents and cultivate individule gifts to shine in their own light and guide a healthy collaboration with fellow artists.


When consulting students and parrents preparing for collage, I always ask a serise of questions and quiestion number 5 on my list is who are the professors and what have they done professionally? Read the bio's and do not be affraid to interview the school and educators with a set of questions. The teachers who care nothing for their students and who are more intersted in the pay check and personal artistic satisfaction fail students terribly. They not only fail the students, they fail the learning process, the production value, and find themselves let down and blue once the sugar rush is over. 


Do not settle with Narcissistic education you will not learn in this environment it is a total waste of your time and money! 


by Gina Feliccia

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