I have faced some health challanges so I moved up a bucket list item to take my two girls to New York City. We had a wonderful trip and the 911 memorial left a deep impression on the girls. We tied in the new musical Come From Away to also show the girls how people comforted eachother and worked together as out entire nation was terrified.

It was a hopeful, upbeat "documusical" and we enjoyed it very much. After the show we went back stage to see my friend Sharon and the most wonderful teacher moment happened. 


A handsome man callled out my name and I did not recognize him. He said "do you remember who I am?" I said you look familiar but I am struggling. He then said " you came to my high school and directed a competion piece and worked with us for a few weeks." He hugged me and I felt so blessed to been a small part of his inspiration. His name is Josh Breckenridge and he is living his dream!



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Henry and Monique Jones says... (Reply)
"Just spent the last half hour talking with ur dad, catching up. Will be praying for you. Nice to hear of ur triumphs." (9/16/17)