Hey Gina! Thank you so much for doing this for me! I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule. I have a list of questions, and a lot of them are alike, so don't feel as if you need to answer all of them. Also, it doesn't need to be in full sentences, bullet notes and basic points are fine! Not perfect...

1. How did you get interested in the field? Why?  I began singing at age 2 my family loved music and it was always playing be it opera or 50's,60's up through current pop.  I learned many songs in church as well.  It was not until age 11 when I joined 6th grade choir when others (my teacher and friends) noticed I had a good ear and strong clear pitch. At 13 I began private voice lessons.
2. What is your greatest accomplishment?
Having two beautiful children that I so wanted.  Being paid to do what I have spent my young life working and training for. 
3. What was your big break? What was it like?
Broadway at age 23
4. Were there any good things that came out of bad experiences in the business?
I have learned a great deal from this tough business.  One was tuning down a Broadway contract over the principal of payment lead to a Better contract with a Bigger payment.  Sometimes setting boundaries of your self lets people know you respect yourself.
5. Where there any unexpected turns on your journey?
I thought I would grow up and be a wife and mother right away I did not expect the career I have had.
6. What set you apart from other performers in the business?
Integrity.  In most cases when you are working for a company, the leaders are chosen because they can lead a company not just in talent but also in attitude and the kind of moral code they live by.  Example:  I was cast on a tour when the girl who was in a lead role was do drugs and sleeping with cast mates….she was let go because her life style began to be reflected on Stage.  Save the Drama for the stage.

7. What was your average day like auditioning and performing?
Half of the battle in New York City or LA is just showing up.  Getting to the audition on time and prepared, knowing the chances are slim of booking the gig is tough.  It takes a very strong person to handle the rejection of this business.
8. Did you go to school?
Yes, however I also sought out some of the best instruction I could while going to school at the same time.  I believe this business is like a trade you must work under tradesmen as well as train in school, to truly prepare you for the industry.  School really was only good to practice and improve on exposure (to material)  and skills.
9. What advice to you have?
Stay informed about what is going on in the world around you, read a lot, learn by watching people and their behaviors.  Stay grounded and rounded that makes for a decent performer.
10. Who is your greatest inspiration?
My first Voice Teacher Jim Cook, he exposed me to extraordinary.
11. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
Running as artistic director somewhere or for our company BCB to grow larger nation wide.
12. What was your favorite show and why?
Ooh toss up between Evita and Les Miserables.  Evita was important to expose political corruption(still existing today) and the most challenging role I have ever played.  And Les Miz because of the amazing message of redemption and love.
13. What are some specific lessons you've learned along the way?
Don't be afraid to try new things like a straight play if you are primarily a singer.  It will grow you.
14. Where did you come from? Where did you grow up?
Born in LA grew up in San Diego CA
15. How has your career affected other aspects of your life? Your family life in particular?

I have had to make choices to do or not do a project because it would effect my family.  In the end my children come first.

16. If you weren't in show business, what would you be doing?
Oh I do not even know!  Maybe a hair dresser or something….
17. How has the economy affected your career? Has it?
Unfortunately the economy effects everyone and yes it has effected me through out the years from the recession of the 90's on up today I had a student have to stop lessons because she was furloughed.  I know movies and plays do not get produced in a poor economy as well….
18. Did you ever have an agent or a manager?
19. Were you a union member?
Yes I was in AEA, Aftra, and SAG
20. Was being a broadway star a childhood dream?
No I did not even know what that was.
21. Do you see your career as a success?
Yes I feel really good about all I have been able to do and still have my dream of motherhood.
22. What is your dream role? Have you ever played it?
Yes I have played most all of my dream roles Aldonza, Evita, Dorothy, Cosette, Eponine….I need to dream up more now so I can have more goals…:~)
23. Have you ever worked with really big names? What were they like?
Yes, in my experience true professionals were kind, serious about their work, and confident because they were prepared.
24. Would you go back and do anything over?  Not really….
25. What was your biggest mistake?
Putting myself in a box and giving my talent limits.
26. What was the best moment in your career?
I don't know but I love serving others especially when I can move them or make them get away for while.

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