As I reflect my return from the rich Italian culture and artistry I am moved to share some highlights as they pertain to singing and music.

   Getting to watch my daughter Sofia and my student from Jackson Wy, Grace Meadows train and perform with the Trentino Music Festival was a joy. They both loved the professors and came away with more friends from the theatre tribe! The highlight for them was getting to perform with such a talented group of artists! I got to watch the growth in both of them and it was a delight!  

   From a young singer around age 13, I began vocal study with an incredible loving and gifted teacher named James R Cook. While I heard classic Italian singers and opera growing up at my fathers restaurant, Jim unpacked it for me and exposed me to the vocal challenge of the music and drew me into the stories. He shared all about the world renowned La Scala Opera House in Italy and how it was completed in 1778 built acoustically perfect and how the singer's sang without amplification to this day. He taught me how to use my body to resonate and find power and strength building my voice to last 8 shows a week as professional. La Scala has been a dream for a long time and I so thankful I finally was able to go. Rigoletto was playing by one of my favorite composers, Giuseppe Verdi! The latest soprano I had been listening to by Jims suggestion, stared as Gilda. The whole evening was magical for me it was a 50th birthday gift from my friend Anthony and I will never forget this night! 


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Kelly Foley says... (Reply)
It's so great you had such a memorable time in Italy! I.m sure you have lots of stories to tell!" (7/22/22)